Local Roasted Beans

12oz bags (ground or whole bean) $14 - 1 pound or more upon request

Our single origin coffee is from a single geographic location, this allows the coffee drinker to appreciate the specific nuance that a particular growing region provides. Black coffee drinkers will perceive flavor and for espresso favorites require far less sugar and milk to enhance taste.

  • Dark Sumatra
    • Smooth with dry notes of spices and light smoke flavor
  • Dark Ethiopian
    • Bright complex berry and wine like aromas
  • Guatemalan
    • Fruity with almond notes, balanced minimal aftertaste.
  • Costa Rican
    • Citrus and berry notes and an underlying nutty roast flavor.
  • Columbian
    • Bold, full-bodied Colombian coffee boasts a full-flavoured entry with hints of cocoa, and a rich finish.
  • Peruvian
    • Smooth and delicate, and very well-balanced and chocolaty tones and a sweet citrus pleasant finish/aftertaste
  • Tanzanian
    • Sharp, and with a deep, rich, and berry like flavor, full body intense and creamy

Signature Espresso Drinks (steamed or Ice Brewed)

  • Barbed Wire Brevé
    • A DeKalb favorite with organic cinnamon, vanilla and rich espresso. (3-4 shots espresso)
  • Carmello Brevé
    • Creamy Macchiato drenched in caramel with a hint of marshmallow. (3-4 shots espresso)
  • Mocha Cortado
    • Try our perfect blend of espresso and dark chocolate.
  • Almond Joy Latte
    • Almond, coconut and chocolatey espresso. For true coconut lovers! (2 shots espresso)
  • MCC Hammer Brevé
    • Can’t touch this delicious blend of marshmallow, coconut and chocolate. (3-4 shots espresso)
  • Vanilla Bean Swirl
    • Tastes like great ice cream meets espresso, because that’s what it is. (2 shots espresso)

  • Irish Dream Latte
    • Creamy liqueur flavor with white chocolate and fresh ginger. (2-3 shots espresso)
  • Nutella Dream
    • An Italian style blend of Hazelnut and dark chocolate. (2 shots espresso)
  • Red Hot Mocha
    • Sweet and spicy version of Mocha Cortado.
  • White Toffee Nut
    • White Chocolate and toffee with a hint of coconut.
  • Ginger Spice Steamer
    • A creamy blend of spicy ginger and cardamom. (1 shot espresso)

Fruit Smoothies and Ice Blenders

  • Raspberry Mango Tango (Acai)
    • Yogurt, mango, raspberry, mango fruit blend
  • Kiwi Berry Passion (Acai)
    • Yogurt, kiwi, strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit blend
  • Orange Crush Dreamsicle
    • Cream, orange juice, mango, orange fruit blend, vanilla
  • Mocha Monkey
    • Cream, bananas, espresso, chocolate chips and sauce
  • Wild Strawberry Banana
    • Yogurt, bananas, strawberries, mixed berries, strawberry blend
  • Blue Raspberry Fusion (dragon fruit)
    • Yogurt, blueberries, raspberry, Lychee blend
  • The Mean Green (Vegan)
    • Coconut milk, kiwi, mango, Spinach, Matcha, passion fruit blend
  • Hawaiian Punch (elderberry)
    • Yogurt, berries, pineapple juice, coconut, banana, passion blend
  • The Aria (Dragon Fruit Blender)
    • Coconut milk, ice, Strawberries, cherry flavor, Lychee Blend
  • Oreo Crunch
    • Oreo cookies, light granola, cream, chocolate, honey
  • Vanilla Bean Crunch
    • Yogurt, cream, Ice, vanilla, light granola, raw brown sugar
  • Mr. Chips
    • Chocolate, white chocolate and butterscotch chips, cream, English toffee, raw brown sugar

Homemade Baked Goods

  • Muffins:
    • Double Chocolate
    • Cinnamon Crunch
    • White Chocolate Raspberry
    • Blueberry
  • Scones:
    • Lemon Poppy Seed
    • Cranberry White Chocolate
    • Chocolate chip
  • Brownies:
    • Double Chocolate
    • Walnut
    • White chocolate coconut
  • Cookies:
    • Chocolate Chip
    • White Cranberry
    • The Monster Mash - white chocolate, chocolate chip, cranberry, oatmeal, brown sugar, coconut, pecan

Handmade Breakfast & Sandwiches

Our food is not express. Please be patient with food orders, we make everything from scratch!

  • Big Omelette!
    • Three Cage free Eggs, onion, tomato and cheese
  • Breakfast Panini
    • Two cage free eggs, tomato, peppers, italian cheese blend, onion and ham or sausage
  • Cheesy English Muffin
    • Scrambled egg, green onion and cheddar cheese
  • Cheesy Hash Browns
  • Country Grits
  • Hummus and bread
  • PB&J or Nutella w/ toast

Add bacon, ham, sausage or veggie mix for $.75

  • Italian Panini
    • Italian cheeses, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers and lots of hard salami and ham
  • Western Panini
    • Cheddar, bacon, grilled chicken, peas, carrots and mushrooms. with tangy onions sauce
  • Asian Panini
    • Curry schezwan seasoned, chicken, mushrooms onions and tangy sauce
  • Vegan Wrap
    • Veggies (tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, spinach, mushrooms) tossed with paleo herb dressing
  • Turkey Wrap with Avocado
    • Heaps of smoked turkey and veggies in a spinach or whole wheat wrap


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