Common Grounds 

A place where art and community inspire everything we do.


locally roasted organic coffee and crafted espresso drinks


ethically sourced organic teas hand crafted for unique tastes


mostly fruit low sugar blended drinks with nutrition boosts available 

Open 7am -2pm  Mon - Wed  |  9am -5pm  Thursday - Saturday

A place of comfort and delicious smells

From fresh organic coffee to our delicious scones and cookies, you'll know you're in the right place. Community is the reason CG exists and people like you make it a special place.

With great coffee comes great responsibility.

Community is the reason for what we serve and the quality of our products. Barb City Roasters (in Cortland) and Level Ground Trading Co. are people dedicated to providing the 100% organic coffee, teas, chocolate and spices that we use for drinks and more.  Fair and ethically sourced products help us to fight modern day slavery one cup at a time. Our customers care about education and promoting social advocacy around this issue and others like it. 
Through CG4 local partnerships we are showcasing local authors, designers, illustrators and performers. This collaboration gives local artist space to create and sell their work in exchange for DeKalb youth mentorship. Teens receive creative support and their work can be used for fundraising anti-trafficking efforts. As a community of concern, modern day slavery is combated by  being invested in each others success. 

Menu (under construction)

Pour Over or Cold Brew$5.60 | $6.30||    kiddie  5.60    |    Reg  6.80       |   Lrg   7.30     |
Crafted Espresso (Hot or Iced)$6.30 |.$6.80                       ORGANIC COFFEE BEANS
Hot Chocolate (Plain, White, SmorĂ© or Spicy) $4.60 | $5.60||    $12.00 - 9oz  |    $22 - 1 Pound
           | $6.30||.                   WHOLE LEAF ORGANIC TEA
Cappuccino or Flat White
$4.60 | $5.60||     Tea Pot $5   |    Packed 4.6oz  $9
Non Dairy Latee or Brevé
$5.60 | $6.00||     Chai / Crafted Teas or Sweet Tea Slushies
Muffin, Brownies and Pound Cake$3.30
Scones and cookies$2
Cinnamon Rolls (select weekends)$4.60
BIG Omelette
Breakfast Panini or Wrap
Veggie Avocado
Grilled Cheese Panini
Italian cheeses, veggie mix, 3 Cage Free eggs
Italian cheeses, veggie mix, 2 Cage Free eggs
Toasted Italian Bread and chopped veggie mix
3 cheese mix with grilled Italian bread / chips
Extras: Smoked Ham, pork, turkey sausage or bacon

$1 per serving

Family owned, community minded

Common Grounds is grassroots and family owned. Jeff, Michelle and their family work hard to make you feel at home and a part of our CG community.

Jeff's unique drink recipes are the cornerstone of our business. Outside of business operations, Jeff has worked as a graphic designer for many businesses and non-profits. A lifelong artist, Jeff loves to paint, write and do illustrations when his hands are free! 

Michelle loves to bake and makes every yummy treat we sell. She also has a knack for purchasing and financial planning. She works full time as a corporate research editor and enjoys Ebay selling and running for fun.

Their son Payton is 16 and loves animation, music and gaming. He hopes to master the coffee bar and in the future work for a company like Pixar after college.

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Can't wait to share a cup with you!

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2180 Oakland Drive Unit B
Sycamore IL 


Phone: +1 (815) 570 3379


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7-27- 2