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House Brew  2.303.404.20Cold Brew Coffee…$4.50$5.20
Expresso / Americano1.202.504Iced…$3.20$4.20
Hot Chocolate (Plain, Smoré or Spicy) 2.603.404.60Choc Shake …$5$5.50
Tea Lattes
-4.204.80Blended Tea…$4.80$5.20
Basic Latte, Cappuccino 
33.504.20Iced Brevé …$4.205
Cortado, Brevé
or Non-dairy Latte
3.604.204.80Iced Brevé …$4.205.20
Muffin, Brownies and Pound Cake $3.40
Scones and cookies$1.80
Cinnamon Rolls$4.20
HOT PANINI OR WRAPS$5.40with cheese, veggie mix and meat or eggs
Meat: Smoked Ham, Salami, Smoked turkey, Grilled chicken
pork or turkey sausage, bacon
$1.30 per servingVeggies: Spinach, tomato, grilled peppers and onion, avocado,
baby portobello mushroom, …$.50 each
$6.70Three Cage Free Eggs with cheese with veggies and meat combo ($1.30 more)


Free WIFI - Delicious Drinks and Handmade Paninis and Pastries


All craft drinks can be adjusted to preference.
Choose: regular, decaf, milk or plant based alternative or ice blended, i.e. Frappuccino

Medium $4.80 | Large $5.20 | Ice Blended $6

ESPRESSO DRINKSStyle Default ingredients 
Almond JoyMocha Latteorganic chocolate, almond and raw coconut flavors 
Brown Sugar Bae Flat Lattebrown sugar, Hazelnut and caramel drizzle
Barbed WireBrevélocal honey, vanilla bean, half and half, organic cinnamon
Black Raspberry
Mocha Lattenatural berry and organic chocolate
Caramello Lattecaramel, honey and half and half
Caramello MochaLatteorganic chocolate, caramel and toasted marshmallow  syrup
Emerald CityMocha Latteorganic peppermint, organic choc, white choc drizzle
Mr. ToffeeWhite Mochawhite chocolate, toffee and brown sugar
Ms. TrufflesCappuccinoorganic coconut, caramel and dark chocolate
Irish DreamCappuccinoorganic ginger, irish cream syrup, matcha and white choc drizzle
Stan's ExcelsiorFlat Latteorganic tumeric, butterscotch and fennel
Spicy Cortado
Flat Latteorganic ginger, tumeric, cardamon and almond cane syrup
Midway Monster MochaMocha Latteorganic choco, organic peanut butter, chestnut cane syrup and caramel drizzle
Wild Unicorn Cappuccinonatural raspberry syrup, dragon fruit, white chocolate and fennel
Mocha 75 / Mocha SantanaMocha Latteespresso + brewed coffee, dark choc (75%) and half and half; add hot spices for Mocha Santana
Kylo's Red EyeBrevéespresso and brewed coffee, spicy cinnamon, hazelnut and half and half
TEA DRINKSTea Default ingredients
Red WireRooibuslocal honey, vanilla bean, half and half, and organic cinnamon
Emerald Mint TeaPeppermintorganic peppermint and white choc drizzle
White Raspberry White TeaNatural raspberry, cardamom, vanilla and steamed almond milk
Irish Fog
Breakfast TeaIrish tea, organic ginger and a hint of matcha
Mr. TeaPeach Black TeaStrong tea with peach with tumeric, cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg
Jasmine DragonJasmine TeaBlackberry, and dragonfruit sweetened with amaretto
Big RedRooibusSpicy cinnamon with a hint of sweet spices
Arnold PalmernatorLemongrassStrongly brewed lemongrass and sweetened black tea (great over ice)
Vanilla ChaiBlack teaSweet tea with traditional Indian spices, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon
Choco berry teaBlack teaSweet tea with natural strawberry, raw chocolate and coconut


Medium Pot $4.30  |  Large Pot $5   |  6oz Jars $9.40

Black TeaHerbal DecaffeinatedGreen Tea
Earl GreyElderberry HibiscusWhite Jasmine
Irish BreakfastLemongrass w/ GingerGunpowder Green
OolongRose and FennelSencha Green
Happy Tea Fusion Mango w/ Dragon Fruit
Peachy BlackMoroccan mint DecafMoroccan mint green tea
Minty BlackRose with Lavender


Medium 5.80  |  Large $6.40 | Fruit only $1 extra


Frozen Fruit with greek yogurt,
100% juice, Cream or Non Dairy Milk
We add a small amount of puree or honey sweetened to taste, but that's optional.

Made with 75% FruitDefault ContentsTea and shakesDefault ContentsTea and shakesContents
Raspberry Mango Tango Fruit, Greek Yogurt, Orange JuiceMango Dragon FruitFruit, White Tea,
Coconut Milk
Oreo CrunchOreo cookies, granola,
cream,white choclate
and yogurt
Wild Strawberry BananaFruit, Greek Yogurt, MilkEmerald City MintPeppermint tea,
raw chocolate,
cream and vanilla
Verrry BerryStrawberry, raspberry, blackberry
blueberry and lichti, Greek Yogurt
Arnold PalmernatorLemongrass, almond milk,
honey and peach black tea
Hawaiian PunchPapaya, Pineapple, Guava, Banana
Mango, Coconut, Strawberry, yogurt 
Vanilla Ice TeaVanilla, cream, rooibus tea
and honey
The Mean GreenSpinach, Matcha tea, Mango, Kiwi, YogurtOrange Crush DreamsicleOrange juice, mango, and vanilla


9oz Bags $12 | Pour over | French Press $5

As a coffee bar you can try something new and adjust drinks to your preference (i.e. sweetness and style) 
Choose your drink, regular, nondairy or ice blended (Frappuccino) 

Organic Whole BeanProfile Flavor
GuatemalanMedium 55%Note of almond and raw coconut flavors
Costa RicanMedium 50%caramel and honey notes
KenyanMedium 55%low acid, berry notes, chocolate and full body
Med-Dark 60%Bright wild cherry and hints of coconut and smokey cinnamon
Med-Dark 60%Spices and herbs with sweet oranges and aromatic flavors
SumatraMed-Dark 65%Dark and rich caramel and smokey brown sugar hints
Columbian (regular or decaf)
Light-Med 45%Almond and buttery flavor with pear and apple notes
PeruvianLight-Med 42%Caramel and hazelnut flavor, low acid and light aftertaste

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As many of you know Common Grounds is a local family owned operation, brewing in the direction of freedom. Our support of fair-trade enterprise to help end Modern Day slavery, is rooted in the larger mission of uprooting racial injustice around the world. We champion the goals of oppressed people and empower their voice in the marketplace of ideas. Together, we can make Dekalb County, IL an example of opportunity, innovation and collaboration. Please help us by support the work of local artists, influencers and entrepreneurs of color and diversity. It is the visionaries and dreamers who offer a much needed cup of hope in times like these.

Stay tuned for events and projects for DeKalb's youth 

More than a coffeeshop, Common Grounds is a cause driven business.
Our mission is to promote and inspire local artist, authors and creative thinkers to combat social injustices using art as medium of change.

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