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All craft drinks can be adjusted to preference.
Choose: regular, decaf, milk or plant based alternative or ice blended, i.e. Frappuccino

Medium $4.80 | Large $5.20 | Ice Blended $6

As a coffee bar you can try something new and adjust drinks to your preference (i.e. sweetness and style) 
Choose your drink, regular, nondairy or ice blended (Frappuccino) 

NAMEStyle Default ingredients
Almond JoyMocha Latteespresso, organic chocolate, almond and raw coconut flavors
Brown Sugar BaeFlat Latteespresso or rooibus tea, brown sugar, caramel drizzle
Barbed WireBrevéespresso, local honey, vanilla bean, half and half, organic cinnamon
Black Raspberry
Mocha Latteespresso, natural berry and organic chocolate
Caramello Latte Macchiatoespresso or rooibus tea, caramel cane syrup, honey and half and half
Caramello MochaLatte Macchiatoespresso, organic chocolate, caramel and toasted marshmallow  syrup
Emerald CityMocha Latteespresso, organic peppermint, organic choc, white choc drizzle
Mr. ToffeeWhite Mochaespresso or rooibus, white chocolate, toffee and hazelnut cane syrup
Ms. TrufflesCappuccinoespresso or rooibus, organic coconut, organic choc, caramel and white choc drizzle
Irish DreamCappuccinoespresso or irish tea, organic ginger, irish cream syrup, matcha and white choc drizzle
Stan's ExcelsiorFlat Latteespresso or Chai, organic tumeric, butterscotch and fennel
Spicy Cortado
Flat Latteespresso or rooibus tea, organic ginger, tumeric, cardamon and almond cane syrup
Midway Monster MochaMocha Latteespresso, organic choco, organic peanut butter, chestnut cane syrup and caramel drizzle
Wild UnicornCappuccinoespresso or happy tea, natural raspberry syrup, white chocolate and fennel
Mocha 75 or Mocha Santana*Mocha Latteespresso + brewed coffee, dark choc (75%), cream, vanilla and toasted marshmallow 
Kylo's Red EyeBrevéespresso and brewed coffee, cinnamon, hazelnut and half and half

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