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9oz Bags $12 | Pour over | French Press $5

9oz Bags $12 | Pour over | French Press $5

Coffee is naturally sweet and complex

Organic Whole BeanProfile Flavor
GuatemalanMedium 55%All day coffee with notes  of almond and raw coconut flavors
Costa RicanMedium 50%deep rich honey and caramel tones with floral note
KenyanMedium 55%Very low acid cousin to Ethiopian, creme and berry notes, light citrus
Med-Dark 60%Bright and vibrant flavor like wine with berry hints and some cocoa
Med-Dark 60%Cocoa and citrus flavors in a sweet bold bean, low after taste
SumatraMed-Dark 65%Strong and smoky coffee with almond and sugar cane 
Columbian (regular or decaf)
Light-Med 45%Lighter coffee with honey and caramel notes, not as bold, good for all day
PeruvianLight-Med 42%Simpler mango like taste, low acid and  creme texture

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